for crying out loud… how can there be a band as fresh (and classic) as THE DIAMOND LIGHT that is still yet unsigned?!??

these dudes are making kickass rock and roll, people…
and guitar/singer Griffin Young has been known to make a mean deli-counter sandwhich 
(but he’s gonna be a rockstar soon.)

take a peak at this gem:  the best kickstarter video ever.

GET THE ALBUM…. and check out their show @ Viper Room on April 30th
*(seriously?  Is that place still launching rock and roll careers??)

BRILLIANT mashup of "15 Step" by Radiohead and "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck.

and it’s called… wait for it….  FIVE STEP.

(via hypem)

here’s a little ditty from my buddy’s newest favorite….  PINBACK

cool animation, catchy groove, moody sound.  Nice call, Clarence.

I couldn’t put it off any longer… this is one of my favorites.

Tom Waits from the 1985 Wiltern shows…  BIG TIME.

what a great video from FATHER JOHN MISTY… you may know him as the Fleet Foxes drummer, Josh Tillman
but, whatever you call him, this guy rocks.

TV-babe Aubrey Plaza kicks this one in the teeth with an outrageous, dark-and-stormy performance
in a wild and lush video from Noel Paul

"Someone’s gotta help me dig…."

Derrick Belcham's TAKE AWAY SHOWS are one of the best things to come out of the new internet age of homespun music videos… 
they’re simple and pure performances, a great selection of bands and songs, & gorgeously shot and recorded.

This one from THESE UNITED STATES is one of my favorites, but I often find myself lost for hours chewing on these great, lo-fi videos. 
I’m sure you’ll see them here every now and then….

went looking for something else and stumbled across this wonderfully simple video from Hilltop Hoods
directed by Nash Edgerton — check out BLUE TONGUE FILMS and all the really cool stuff these guys do.

by the way… THIS is what I went looking for. 
Directed by Blue Tongue cronie Spencer Susser
*Notice the repeated visual of bicycles and bow/arrows??

You’re about to watch one of the most captivating, mind-bending, and cinematic pieces of montage I have ever seen… 
Warren Beatty plays a reporter investigating a strange corporation whose secret mission is profiling and recruiting political assassins. 
This sequence is the “mind charting” test film from Alan J. Pakula’s award-winning film, THE PARALLAX VIEW (1974)

It’s a gripping, dynamic political thriller and — in this sadly unoriginal era of remakes and reboots — you’re likely to see it repackaged with some CW dope in the Beatty role and some wicked, hyperkinetic MTV-esque spew of Final Cut Pro to replace this amazing sequence.
Boy, do I hope I’m wrong.

Enjoy it… I guarantee you’ll show it to your friends.

The Art of Almost

man… I’m getting so good at "almost" when it comes to WILCO.

The boys are playing 3 shows in LA this week and I’m going to miss out being there
(and on a grand confluence that has only happened once so far in history…  MSG Dec’08)

Alas, at least I was there for their 2-night stand at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.
check out this incredible stop-motion video from those great shows:

a cool new video from artist JEFF SOTO… detailing his work process in creating these incredible concert posters for THE BLACK KEYS.

hand drawn, computer precise, hand, computer, hand, computer…  very cool to see.

and in this modern age of BLACK KEYS awesomeness, I’m glad to hear a little of the old stuff.